dimecres, 25 de febrer de 2009

Águila Roja, coincidence or black hat commercial?

Águila Roja

Águila Roja
© 2009 TVE (es)

Recently, in Catalonia, eastern Catalombia, TVE shows us a new serie entitled Águila Roja (Red Eagle) I am compelled to comment.

Everything is a schoolteacher in Castile s.XVII whose women is murderd in such strange circumstances that he is compelled to seek justice disguised as a sort of ninja superhero like these from Wu Xia movies. Yeah, ninja, because it seems that he had to escape from Castile by duel that got wrong when he was young, and oh surprise, fleeing to escape he arrived to the far east where he seemed to find a Ninjutsu sensei. I really don't get how he could afford such a travel or how he could travel back (alive). But at least the writers tried to justify his kung-fu feats, not like Peter Hyams who played The Musketeer movie without worrying to explain the acrobacies of D'Artagnan.

el mosquetero
© 2001 TriPictures

But this is not what you wanted to comment, but the coincidence of the name of the series with a brand of coffee based on Cali, Colombia (western Catalombia) 1930.

Logo Águila Roja
© 2007 Águila Roja

What this really means? Is this a complex advertising campaign this Colombian food business? Do they have plans to enter the Spanish market?

We would like it a lot, as Colombian coffee is just excellent, but I'm pretty sure that this is just a simple coincidence that brings us to the shank of the first case of morcillism that I take in consideration.

Morcillism: a link between Castile and Colombia that is still surprising between the multitude of connections available in the obvious relationship between both cultures.

And no, it's not a montserratism even knowing that the actor is Catalan. No way.

Gonzalo de Montalvo/Águila Roja, interpretat per David Janer
Gonzalo de Montalvo/Águila Roja, played by David Janer
© 2009 TVE

Just as I will now not relate it with the game "Assassin's Creed" no matter how both protagonists resemble.

Assassin's Creed

And soon, the original morcillism, the morcilla (black pudding). Does anyone know where it is truly original?